Open Source Research

We aim to join hands and forces to combat infections like COVID-19. Sharing ideas and knowledge are crucial to improve quickly and to expand our supportive actions. Many makers have followed an open-source approach to increase the impact and bridge the current shortage of PPE.

Here, we aim to collect information about different face shield models and production processes that contribute to the ongoing development of global COVID-19 response efforts. The collection intends to support further ideation, innovation and development as well as to enhance informed decision-making for the manufacture.

If you need PPE or provide manufactured PPE we recommend you to sign up on following international databases:

If you have an (improved) version of a face shield model that can be added to our list of face shield projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why face shields? 

People with COVID-19 commonly experience respiratory issues, leading to coughing. The expelled airborne droplets contain virus particles that can easily spread and infect others. A face shield functions as an additional barrier between people to reduce the risk of viral transmission by covering eyes, nose, and mouth. The face shield also lowers virus loads on face masks worn underneath the protective shield.


Explanation of terms: 

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