Production Recommendations

Recommended requirements for the production of face shields:


  • Face shield: clear and firm plastic; materials such as PET, PETG, polycarbonate (PC), polyester, with anti-fog coating are ideal
  • Headband: adjustable elastic fabric or other band; non-latex; must be comfortable
  • Optional foam pad: made of adhesive-backed closed-cell polyurethane foam


  • The face shield should cover the entire face. Pay attention to length and width.
  • The top across the forehead should preferably be closed (for extra protection and comfort).
  • It should be comfortable enough to be worn for long hours.
  • The face shield needs to fit firmly around the head. For this, an adjustable, non-latex elastic or band is required.

Production Process

  • Mainly laser cutting or die-cutting
  • Low-end manufacture possible with scissors, blade cutter or similar